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Why Your Current Website Might Be Turning Off Customers

Posted by Kristian on Sep-23-2008 under Usability

A professional looking, well-designed website can do wonders for one’s internet business. If a business owner can drive targeted traffic to their website, there is an excellent chance to make a lot of money. Conversely, a poorly designed, low quality website can turn visitors off and cause a business owner money. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t realize what mistakes they are making with their websites. They can’t seem to understand what they can not convert their visitors into sales. To provide some insight, we have listed some of the most common web design mistakes below.

Cluttered Design: A cluttered website will quickly turn off customers. Clutter makes people uncomfortable and comes across as unprofessional. If your website is not neat and clean, potential customers will assume that you won’t be able to adequately serve them and meet their needs. One reason why companies of any size or even entrepreneurs can be successful online is that good web design can blur the line between the big companies and the small one. If you have a very nice looking website your website viewers will assume that you have a large scale operation. If your website looks cluttered and amateurish, you will likely miss out on a lot of business.

Poor Navigational Design: Your website should be very easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to easily move from one page to another. They should also be able to easily purchase your product if they decide to. Your visitors should not have to look very hard for your payment button.

Unattractive Design: A website that is unattractively design will place you at a huge disadvantage. With so many people on the internet competing for the same dollars, it is important that your website stands out or is at least on par with the majority of websites. Work with a designer and come up with a nice looking site. A quality website will increase your conversions and enable you to make more money.

Low Quality Appearance: A cheap looking website will seriously hamper your efforts to make money online. People do not want to spend money at ugly looking websites. This is because a low quality website does not build the trust of your visitors. Potential consumers might assume that since you can’t afford a high quality website, then you probably can’t deliver on what you are promising. Therefore, you should seriously consider a having your website professionally designed.

A low quality website that is unattractively designed, difficult to navigate and cluttered can effectively ruin an online business. Because a company’s website determines how the internet community will view them, making these mistakes will ensure that conversions are low and sales are far and few between. To remedy these issues it is important to consult with a professional. A professional web designer can point out design flaws and can help come up with a working plan to improve them.

The Elements of An Effective Website

Posted by Kristian on Sep-23-2008 under Usability

Your website is designed to represent you and your product to the world. If your website reflects professionalism, well thought out design, easy navigation and purchasing capabilities, then you have an opportunity to capitalize off the 21st century’s more recent goldmine, the internet. Every day millions of individuals from around the world use their computers and laptops to make purchases. They are buying everything from clothes, shoes, books, music to food and wine.

Savvy business owners are staking their claim early and learning to grow with the ever evolving medium. To fully take advantage and to give yourself the best chance of being successful online, it is important that you have an effective website. An effective website is one that gets you sales. These types of sites typically have a few things in common. They have a great design, a professional appearance, clean lines and are easy to navigate. We will discuss these elements more in-depth below.

Great Design: Great design is one of the biggest factors when it comes to having an effective website. A well designed website will make people feel comfortable about visiting your website. You want to impress them right away. If they feel that your website looks cheap or shoddy, they are likely to quickly back out of your website and look for one that they find more appealing. You may have a great product and outstanding service. However, if your website is not attractive, you won’t even get a chance to convince people to purchase from you.

Clean Lines: You want your website well designed and memorable but you also want it to look clean. A cluttered website can be confusing to the eye. If people feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, they will simply leave your website.

Easy Navigation: Your visitors should be able to easily navigate your website. They should be able to easily move from one page to another. They should also be able to easily make a purchase when they are ready to. Don’t make them search for the “Buy Now” button or for more information about your product. Every option that the visitor has should be prominently displayed.

A Professional Feel: The internet has been around long enough and users are sophisticated enough that they will be able to quickly tell the difference between a cheap, homemade website and one that required more of an investment. Because the professionalism of your site will either help you earn a lot of money or cause you to lose it, it is important to make the investment to have a professional-looking website created for your business.

Above The Fold – Why Every Website Owner Needs To Know What This Means

Posted by Kristian on Jun-3-2008 under Usability

It almost sounds like some kind of spiritual awakening, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a steep learning curve to be negotiated for the web design company that is creating your website, but one of the main things to bear in mind is what should go above the fold.

So what does this term mean?

In short, it means anything that can be seen in the first full screen of information as a website loads. Once you start to scroll down to see what else is on offer you are going below the fold, accessing information that cannot be seen when the website is displayed initially. Read the rest of this entry »